Headteacher and Principal opportunities in Oldham

The role of Headteacher can be one of the most rewarding roles in education but it without doubt comes with a range of challenges. Alongside the 'Development Opportunities for Leaders' the following resources are available for Oldham’s Headteachers and Principals.

  • Oldham Education Partnership  

    Support for new Headteachers is recognised as a priority by Oldham Local Authority.  In order to provide this support, a Headteacher Induction Programme is both funded and commissioned by the LA.  The programme is now well established and has been successfully delivered for over 5 years.  The two year programme comprises of both face-to-face and mentor support including networking opportunities with other Oldham Heads and participation on Level 1 Coaching Programme.

    Content for the face-to-face days includes shaping the culture of learning, enquiry, dialogue, reflection and performance in Oldham schools.  The programme intends to build leadership capacity with a shared knowledge, understanding, language and skills base around leadership coaching and mentoring as well as sharpen self-evaluation and stimulate the necessary ‘on-the-job’ learning.

    Mentors receive termly supervision and extended training to support personal learning and increase effectiveness in helping others within the group, and their own school setting.

  • Oasis Limeside  

  • St Chads - Sanctuary  

    • GM Designated National Leader of Education (NLE) Support
    • Individual 1:1 Coaching
    • Learning Centred Coaching (Whole School Improvement, developing a culture for coaching)
    • Power of Coaching (POC) OLEVI Whole School Development
    • Sanctuary Headteacher Leadership Development Programme:
      • Strand 1: Performance Systems and Processes
      • Strand 2: Transformational Coaching
      • Strand 3: Transformational Renewal and Learning
      • Strand 4: Strong Cohesion: Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

    Penny Wood
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